Top 5 Little Dragon “Twice” Covers

It was in 2010 when I first heard the eerie, simple and captivating sound of Little Dragon's "Twice". Admittedly, it was not an actual Little Dragon record, I was cruising around listening to Machine Gun Kelly's  "Lace Up" and when I heard track 12 "Lead You On"  which uses a "Twice" loop and part of the chorus I was blown away.  Many other artists have uploaded their renditions of the popular track and most of them are excellent. I compiled a list of the top 5 covers which are all worth checking out. 

When it came to creating this list, it was a real toss up for me between Leyeux and Lianna La Havis. The Leyeux video threw me for a loop. "swag" is a noun that I never use due to the way it was played out a few years ago. Although, when I first saw the group of shoe-less musicians, dressed nice/normally, playing from the heart I said "wow these guys have swag" .

5. Asia Glensk/Fismoll

Production and Arrangement - Fismoll
Vocals and Cellos - Asia Glensk
Video by Asia Glensk and Fismoll

Recording at home : )

4. Waterstrider

3. James The Human

Twitter: ;
Nick Depsky - Gyil
Ian Meltzer - Piano
Brian Zaghi - Bass

Filmed by Aviya McGuire
Audio engineered by Brian Zaghi


2. Leyeux

Jack Snyder- Vocals
Elliott Skinner- Bass and Vocals
Ben Higginbotham- Keys and Vocals
Eli Fowler- Cajon

1. Lianna La Havis

Lianne La Havas performs a cover of Little Dragon's "Twice" for In The Woods 2013 Barn Sessions.