LA Producer Hector Delgado Shines On New A$AP Rocky Album ‘At.Long.Last.ASAP’

At.Long.Last.ASAP is impressive on a lot of fronts: It’s a cohesive project, with A$AP at his best, well-rounded guest verses and unique production. In terms of the latter, A$AP enlisted a pretty eclectic set of talents to help build the sound into something long-lasting, including Juicy J, Mark Ronson, Kanye West and Danger Mouse.

One individual who played a vital role in the behind-the-scenes machinations of this album is a fellow named Hector Delgado.


Delgado is a producer, sound engineer and DJ from LA, and he’s worked with Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown, to name a few. He helped executive produce A$AP’s newest studio album, along with a few others, and the songs he is credited with working on are some of the best on the record.

The album has an orchestral feel to it, and his lyrical talents are on display from beginning to end. Delgado is credited with lending a hand on six of the 18 songs.

“Canal St” and “Electric Body” are two of my favorites, but his style is evident in the overall compactness of the album.

It’s hard to pinpoint an album you could compare this to, but that quality will allow it to grow on listeners. Delgado played a huge hand in that, and it put A$AP in a position to put out a sophomore album that is arguably better than his debut.

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  1. Matthew Luckett on May 30, 2015 at 3:21 PM

    Hector is one of a kind. Great universal sound on this album. Mad respect!

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