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Vic Mensa New Song/Video is Wild

By Chris | June 7, 2016

Vic Mensa going back to his old style in his latest video for “There’s a lot going on”.  After a very interesting intro Vic goes in with bars about Ye, Addiction, Depression, Kids These Days, Rocafella and more. It is very nice to hear Vic rapping like this again.

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The Season 2 Trailer for Netflix’s “Bloodline” Is Here

By Matt | April 11, 2016

The new trailer for the criminally-underrated drama, Bloodline, dropped today…and hell yeah. We wrote about our appreciation for the show’s writing trio when the first season dropped last year, and as a stand-alone initial slate of episodes, the show was a major success. Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and the awesome Ben Mendelsohn were rock stars, delivering…

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Michael Mann Launches Book Imprint With Eye On ‘Heat’ Prequel

By Matt | March 28, 2016

If you’ve seen Heat, then you understand why the idea of a prequel novel to the 1995 seminal crime film is HUGE news. Mann has done a pretty good (see: fantastic) job of translating books to the big screen in his career. It seems now he is going to be cultivating a collection of writers to create…

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Hooks, Beats, Raps: Russ Might Be Next Up In Hip Hop

By Chris | March 22, 2016

Russ is an Atlanta based artist/producer who has created a well deserved buzz around himself and his music. His versatility is remarkable, allowing him to create catchy hooks over trappy and classic hip hop style production. Booming kicks, hard hitting snares, and rolling hi hats are some of his main ingredients .His production is crisp,…

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Netflix’s “Love” Showcases The Talented Paul Rust

By Matt | March 16, 2016

Netflix’s new comedy Love opens with a glimpse at two individuals in failing relationships. One found out he was cheated on, while the other is toiling away with a cocaine-addicted man-child who still has mom drive him to and fro. One is a girl, the other a boy, and although the opening scene may lead some…

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Press Photo - Breakmaster Cylinder

Breakmaster Cylinder is The King of Podcast Theme Music

By Chris | March 16, 2016

Breakmaster Cylinder has been producing music for over 15 years now. If you are a podcast listener you have most likely heard his work before. The man wrote the theme and ending music for Reply All, and many many more including Outside/In, Secret Room, For The Record… Bandcamp: Souncloud: Website: Twitter: Pretty impressive, we talked to…

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The Duplass Brothers Are Back: The Beauty of Togetherness Season 2

By Matt | March 7, 2016

There’s a lot to wade through when it comes to good television, whether it’s streaming or on cable, so it’s natural for a show like Togetherness to get lost in the abyss. But what Jay and Mark Duplass accomplished with Season 1 of their comedy-drama was important: They created a show that was genuine to its core,…

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Jon Bellion Drops New Acoustic, Preps Release of Fresh Music

By Matt | February 26, 2016

Had a tough week? Ready to begin the unwinding process and rid yourself of that work-week malaise? Well, Jon Bellion is here to ease you into the weekend, with an acoustic rendition like you read about. Bellion has always been kind about creating behind-the-scenes videos, allowing fans to catch a peek at how he operates…

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The Dream is on The New Kanye Album, Check Out His Creative Process

By Chris | February 16, 2016

The Dream is on Kanye Wests new opening track “Ultra Light Beam” and he kills it. The Dream is no joke, the man is a hit making machine. It is always extremely interesting to get inside an artists head and really get a glimpse into their creative process. Thank you to The FADER for the…

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Asher Roth and Nottz Release New EP With Travis Barker

By Matt | February 8, 2016

It’s been five years since Asher Roth and Nottz dropped off the Rawth EP, a seven-song extended play that was both a unique and fun listening experience. It was a collection of songs the two created together, but didn’t have clearance to release in a larger format. From the laid-back summertime jam, “Don’tcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor),”…

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Mac Miller and The FADER Put Out Fantastic New Documentary

By Matt | February 5, 2016

Mac Miller and The FADER  put together this awesome 12-minute documentary, and it dives into Mac’s early success, his move out to LA after the release of Blue Slide Park, and his ultimate transition back to Pittsburgh to record his acclaimed album, GO:OD AM. It’s cool seeing this side of Mac, where he comfortably talks about…

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Holly McGee Creates Beautiful Art

By Chris | February 4, 2016

Holly McGee creates eye catching art in a unique fashion. When we were reviewing Holly’s submission our crew was instantly attracted to her use of colors and shapes. Holly gave us a little bit of info on herself, check that out below as well as a mini gallery of her work.  “I have worked as a…

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Back To The Drawing Board: Kevin Federline

By Matt | February 3, 2016

  Back To The Drawing Board is a new series from Delakoro. Writer Rob Jones will deconstruct inherently funny pieces of creative work in a fresh, self-deprecating way. When you think of the most important recording artists in the last decade who do you think of? Kevin Federline? Yeah, me too. Okay, well maybe Britney’s…

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New Music: Alessia Cara – “Here” Remix Feat. Logic

By Chris | February 2, 2016

Brand new remix of Alessia Cara’s smooth tune “Here” with a quick verse from Logic. Does Logic have a cold in this one?

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J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC

By Matt | January 30, 2016

Live albums are usually fantastic, no matter what the genre of music is. That feeling you get listening to something being played live in front of thousands of people is tangible. It’s more emotional, and it brings you closer to the artist in more ways than one. We wrote about Jermaine’s documentary a few weeks back,…

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